Bitcoin: R.O.I for Calvin’s $26m TAAL mining investment.

A new Bitcoin block is created on average every 10 minutes.
At 75% Hashrate, of the 6.25 BSV extracted every 10 minutes, TAAL/Calvin is earning on average 75% of 6.25 = 4.375 BSV every 10 minutes.

4.375 BSV every 10 minutes = 26.25 BSV per hour / 630 BSV per day.
630 BSV x $37 = $23,310 per day.
$26m / 23,310 = 1,115 days (3yrs) to get $26m back.

E.g $1,200 BSV x 630 = $756,000 per day
$26,000,000 / $756,000 per day = 34 days

Neither “Other Mining Pools” or TAAL need to sell any BSV to cover running costs & they have just under 100% of the BSV Hashrate squeezing liquidity to the maximum…

BSV has an extremely valuable use case.



Defender of Bitcoin

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