Bitcoin: The Rise & Rise of Craig Wright

Craig Wright discusses what Bitcoin is at Sydney’s Informa Conference 2014

2008.08.18 — The domain name was registered.

2008.10.31 — The Bitcoin White Paper was released to a cryptographic mailing list.

2009.01.03 — Satoshi Nakamoto mined the the Bitcoin Genesis block at height zero. Embedded in the coinbase data of the Genesis block was the text: “The Times 03/Jan/2009. Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks.”

2011.06.09 — David Kleiman acknowledges a transfer of ₿ 1,100,111 Bitcoin from Craig Wright for the purposes of creating a trust, scheduled to be returned to Craig Wright on 2020.01.01.

2011.11.25 — What is regarded as the worlds first ever Bitcoin conference took place in Prague, Czech Republic, titled: EUROPEAN BITCOIN CONFERENCE 2011, PRAGUE NOV 25–27.

2013.05.17 — The first Bitcoin conference in San Jose, California, USA, took place called ‘The Future of Payments’.

2014.07.10 — Craig Wright is interviewed by Dale Dickins at Australia’s first ever Bitcoin conference in Melbourne called, ‘Inside Bitcoin Conference’, 9th-10th July, 2014. The 3 part series by Dale was called: ‘The Bitcoin Doco’.

2014.07.24 — Craig Wright appears at the inaugural Informa Conference in Sydney, Australia, July 24–25, 2014. Entitled ‘Cryptocon Conference and Barcamp’.

2015.10.29 — Bitcoin Investor Conference, Las Vegas, NV, Oct. 29–30, 2015. Craig Wright explains to Nick Zabo, & the watching world, for the first time that Bitcoin script is Turing Complete through the use of control loops, making Bitcoin a general purpose computing language.

2015.12.08 — Wired Magazine publishes an article titled: ‘Is Bitcoin’s Creator this Unknown Australian Genius?’

2015.12.09 — Gizmodo Magazine publishes an article that evidences Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of Bitcoin, titled: ‘Here’s All the Evidence That Craig Wright Invented Bitcoin’.

2015.12.09 — Australian Police raid the home of Craig Wright in relation to being the man behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator & inventor of Bitcoin.

2016.05.02 — Gavin Andresen, creator of the Bitcoin Foundation & the individual known to have inherit the role of lead developer for Bitcoin off of Satoshi Nakamoto publishes a blog post titled: ‘I believe Craig Steven Wright is the person who invented Bitcoin.’

2016.05.02 — John Matonis, monetary economist, co-founding director of the Bitcoin Foundation & Chief Economist at Cypherpunk Holdings, published a Medium article titled: ‘How I Met Satoshi’, and names Craig Wright as the creator of Bitcoin.

2016.05.02 — Wired Magazine publishes an article naming Craig Wright as the inventor of Bitcoin titled: ‘How Craig Wright Privately, Proved, He Created Bitcoin’.

2016.05.02 — Gizmodo Magazine publishes an article quoting Gavin Andresen as saying “I Was Not Hacked, and I Believe Craig Wright Is Satoshi”.

2016.05.02 — The Economist Publishes an article referencing the claim that Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous inventor of Bitcoin.

2016.05.02 — The BBC Publishes an article referencing the claim that Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous inventor of Bitcoin.

2016.05.02–04: Gavin Andresen gives an interview to the BBC at the ‘btc2016 Blockchain Technology Conference’, New York, saying that he met up with & was shown cryptographic proof, “beyond a reasonable doubt”, by Craig Wright, in London, that he possessed the private key from the very first Bitcoin block.

2016.05.02–04: Gavin Andresen gives a testimony on stage at the BTC16 Blockchain Technology Conference, New York, that Craig Wright showed him cryptographic proof that he possessed the private key to the very first, ever mined Bitcoin block known to be mined by Satoshi Nakamoto.

2016.06.30 — Andrew O’Hagan publishes a book titled: ‘The Satoshi Affair’ that names Craig Wright as the creator of Bitcoin & the man behind the pseudonymous author of the Bitcoin White Paper, Satoshi Nakamoto.

2017.05.02 — Gavin Andresen Tweets “I was wrong; stay away from Blockstream, Greg (Maxwell) and Samson (Mow) are toxic trolls.”

2017.06.30 — John Matonis introduces Craig Wright to the audience at the ‘Future of Bitcoin Conference 2017- Arnhem, Netherlands’, as “Mr Bitcoin Dundee”.

2020.01.14 — Confirmation that the keys to the Tulip Trust were returned to Dr Craig Wright via bonded courier.

2021.06.28 — London’s High Court grants Dr Craig Wright, via default judgment, copyright ownership of the Bitcoin White Paper as the defendant, Cøbra, opted not to defend the claim.

2021.12.06 — A Florida jury found that Dr Craig Wright did not owe half of 1.1 million bitcoins to the family of David Kleiman, in a court case that saw Ira Kleiman, as the personal representative of the Estate of Dave Kleiman, the Plaintiff, v. Craig Wright, the Defendant.

2022.08.01 — U.K High Court Judge, Martin Chamberlain, ruled that comments made by podcaster Peter McCormack, calling Dr Craig Wright “a liar” and “a fraud” in 2019, caused “serious harm” to Wright’s reputation.

2022.10.21 — The last of the patents related to Bitcoin scaling were filed. Research demonstrates Bitcoin can scale to over 10^¹¹ TPS, with costs under $0.00001 USD a standard TX, 100x lower than any other transaction processing system ever created. — The Best Place To Buy Bitcoin SV Online. The original protocol & genuine Bitcoin.



Defender of Bitcoin

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